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Contemplating the first

Written by Christopher Stanley on . Posted in Hispanic, Marketing


In thinking about my first journalistic efforts I came accross some interesting articles about Ad Networks and as this is something that I am very familiar with as a partner with Alcance Media Group why not start with that.  Yes, popular columns are strong in their opinions and by doing so generate a reaction, similar to a temper tantrum or just a simple rant. Less based on reason and much more on pure emotion and the longing for some attention.

The first and very tantrumesque is that of David Koretz, CEO of collaboration software company Blue Tie, says that “ad networks are for idiots”. Essentially this type of generalization is about as accurate as stating that all latinos are illegal immigrants from Mexico who crossed the Rio Grande just for the opportunity to pick some lettuce or paint some gringo’s house. In other words, a statement that if you choose to believe will not only be completely false, but will have you missing out on excellent opportunities.
While there is definitely more to come about the value of the Hispanic market in the United States, however we will start looking at the Ad Network model from the perspective of 1. Website Owners and Publishers and 2. Advertisers and Agencies.