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The Census: Advertising before the deluge

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Census 2010

Census 2010

According to PRNewswire, a TV ad will be filmed today in order to inform the Hispanic community about the importance of the U.S. Census. Hispanic Census Ad

Will this ad campaign succeed in increasing Hispanic participation in the census? It’s so important for the Hispanic population in the United States to understand the importance of the census; however, there are so many myths surrounding the census-for example, that it’s used to document who’s in the country illegally, that you have to pay to answer the questions, etc.  If this campagin is successful, it will certainly be a step forward.

Expressing the pain of 2009: Dieste

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Leave 09 Behind Campaign

Leave 09 Behind Campaign

With varying levels of pain felt by most individuals and companies in 2009,the Hispanic focused ad agency Dieste declared an early end to the year with the new “Leave09 Behind” campaign.

An interesting idea that allows users to post video’s, save photos, buy T-shirts, and even come to their Leave 09 Behind event scheduled for November 30th at 6 pm in Dallas, TX.  One of the more interesting ideas is the petition to the U.S. government to put an early end to the year.  So far the petitionn has about 2,000 signatures, 1,000 Facebook friends and some of the videos already have tens of thousands of views.

For most of those working in the advertising world, especially that of agencies focused on multicultural and Hispanic initiatives, I’m sure that many are in agreement with the petition.  There is even an article in the industry news source Advertising Age