Digital Advertising: Bigger not always better

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According to this recent article about online marketing trends, the size of a digital ad may not be the most important thing.  A study showed that expandable banners and floating ads saw improved results from different creative, rather than ad size. Video, for example, improved performance significantly for most rich media ads, by 71% overall.  Interestingly enough, the study in question also found that push-down banners were most likely to be fully played.  The study concludes, “The main points of this analysis is that increasing unit size should be considered for Standard Banners, while for Rich Media, advertisers should focus on adding video, richer features and elaborate creative.”

This study could help advertisers who know that they want to expand their online presence but are not sure which ad type is the best for them.  Conventional wisdom would hold that a bigger banner is the most effect method.  However, the results of the study show that there is much more to be taken into account.  Whether using standard banners or rich media, there is a wide variety of online advertising available- it is simply a questioning of tailoring the type of ad to the product or brand being promoted.your_ad_here

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