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Best Media/Marketing Innovations of the Decade

Written by Christopher Stanley on . Posted in Marketing

Book of Tens: Best Media/Marketing Tech Innovations of the Decade

Book of Tens: Best Media/Marketing Tech Innovations of the Decade

This week’s Advertising Age offers just one of the many top ten (or more) lists that tend to come out from all media outlets near the end of every year or decade. This particular list is of obvious interest to us at Alcance Media Group as it is focused on specific advertising and marketing tools that are now of common use.

Here are the top ten, of which you can order however you wish.

Broadband Penetration:  This is undeniable the impact that this has had on the digital marketing world.  At the end of 1999 less than 1% of U.S. households had broadband internet access compared to 75% by the end of Q2 2009.

Search Marketing: What is now a $25 billion global market started in about 2000 (Google debuted in 1999) Google’s system of matching advertisers with searchers known as ad words.  This is a complex system in which many agencies utilize and many websites continue to try to understand how to best generate a return.

Social Networks: Love em or hate em, the advent and proliferation of social networks has impacted the online community and helped bring the focus on viral marketing.  While the overall impact is still to be determined, the advent of MySpace, Facebook and others have increased the time that people spend on the internet and how they share information.

DVR’s: According to Nielsen, 30% of American TV households are now DVR-equipped and while by no means has this killed traditional television advertising, it has forced TV networks as well as measurement companies such as Nielsen to take notice.

Ad Networks & Exchanges: This is in fact our business and we can attest to its importance.  Many advertisers utilize a combination of multiple ad networks to extend their reach at a competitive price.  Along with adsense (search), networks have not only assisted advertisers, but also a simple way for website owners and webmasters to generate revenue from their website or blog. Feel free to contact Alcance Media Group with questions in this area.

IPhone: A relatively new platform that led to the proliferation of smart phones with web access and advertising platforms, advertising has only scratched the surface of what will be possible.  From location based marketing, mobile coupons, barcodes and many other opportunities that are bringing both entrepreneurs and investors to the table.

Twitter: Definitely a trendy application that has recently garnered much attention.  A micro-blogging service that has many followers and detractors alike, this is one that also generates much debate and time will only tell if it is something that will withstand the test of time.   However at the moment it is definitely not something to be ignored.

GPS: Location data is not anything new, however now it is in the hands of the many through the Iphone and other like technologies.  Of the 30 million U.S. iPhone users, about 70 percent use GPS and the marketers are definitely paying attention.

FLASH: A technology that developed in the 90’s a a tool for web-based animation, it has become the standard for allowing video and interactive ads to flourish.

Open API’s: There is this little thing that has happened with the iPhone in that there happen to be new applications (apps) appearing daily.  There are over 10,000 of them and this happened once Apple opened up an API platmform allowing developers to create “apps” for the iphone.  API’s have been around for years allowing integration and communication between different platforms such as customer relationship management systems (CRM) etc. and will continue to grow.

With the advent of these and other new technologies, there are many more changes to come.  Some involving these technologies and reaching their full potential as well as the advent of new technologies yet unknown.

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