Good news for advertising on social networks

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Got Facebook?

Got Facebook?

According to a study published by The Cocktail Analysis (links to Spanish article), social networks- well, only a few- have reason to smile: there is no sense by users of strong advertising pressure.  Even 1 out of 3 users think that the ads shown to them on social networks can be “interesting or fun”.

On Facebook, which is without a doubt the number one social network, brands have become another addition to one’s sphere of relationships; half of Facebook’s users state that they join and actively follow the page activity of the brands that advertise.  But perhaps the most important detail of this study is the fact that users actively search for information about brands: 40% of Facebook users have conducted a search for a brand they like.  Contests, discounts, offers, and the like are the advertising actions that are most widely accepted: 70% of users are interested in this kind of advertising, with leisure activities such as travel, hobbies, technology and computer science, clothing and accessories being the most widely accepted category for advertising activity on social networks.

One of the reasons for the success of social networks in promoting brands is the fact that the opinions and comments of one’s friends and family are taken more seriously by users.

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