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The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away

A Modern Marketing Fish Story?

Some recent surveys seem to indicate that the Internet is finally taking over as the most pervasive medium in terms of usage in the U.S.  This is especially so in the demographic of persons younger than the age of 45. The gap between the two forms of media is profound, with more people choosing to live without TV, according to the latest Infinite Dial study by Arbitron and Edison Research. I suspect that this trend will continue, which begs the question: if this is the case, why do advertising expenditures overall continue to favor television advertising? Near as anyone can tell, television advertising continues to get a priority share of national advertising budgets. Does that mean that advertisers and their agencies are fishing in places where there are fewer fish? It would sure seem to be.

True to form, TV still seems more exciting to many marketers, especially agencies. That somehow has remained true regardless of the fact that TV measurement is still a controversial and questionably precise science. As digital technology continues to improve and consumer usage rises it would seem to make sense that smart marketers would move at least to a more balanced share of their investment to where more eyes, ears and fingers are. Or maybe they’ll just have to come up with a better way to tell those great fish stories about all of the ones that got away!

— Mark Stacey

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