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Soccer and the U.S. advertising market

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Soccer's Impact

Soccer's Impact

If the U.S. Soccer team’s first match against England was watched by a historic high of 17 million people, the following game, against Slovenia, was the most watched soccer game in the history of ESPN, with almost 4 million U.S. viewers, and of course, interest did not drop off for the U.S.’ decisive match against Algeria.  During this last game of the group round, ESPN saw a 60% increase in viewership over the 2006 World Cup in Germany (due in large part to the U.S.’ terrible showing that year).

For advertisers, the aforementioned data are without a doubt a great opportunity to promote and advertise their products.  But what now remains to be seen is whether these viewership stats will lead brands and advertisers in the U.S. to continue or begin to invest in soccer once the World Cup is over.  Until now, soccer has been little more than a means of reaching the Hispanic consumer.

On previous occasions when the U.S. Soccer team has competed internationally, interest from fans and advertisers fell immediately after the tournament was over.  The key seems to be that soccer here in the U.S.- known elsewhere as “football”- is in many cases still seen as typical entertainment from another part of the world, and therefore, something foreign.  What is clear is that, in light of the U.S. team’s likely participation in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the success to this point may lead to a big change in ad investment in this sport.  This is not bad news, although it only comes around every four years.

Ad Review: Bing “Los Links”

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Ad medium: TV (national) and YouTube

Brand: Mirosoft’s Bing search engine

Overall Grade: A

Quick Review: Microsoft launched its Bing search engine in early 2010 with a series of ads under the theme of “Search Overload”, where one person would mention something to another- “Is that OK?”, and the other would launch nonsensically into a tangent on Oklahoma, or some other unrelated topic.  The nonsensical conversations between the two people were awkward and off-putting, and after seeing the ad for the millionth time, it got downright annoying.

And then, like a breath of fresh air, came the “Los Links” campaign in May 2010.  Perhaps Microsoft got hip to the fact that the “Search Overload” ads were a drag, and decided to go for something fun, lighthearted, and entertaining.  The “Los Links” ads are a spoof of Latin American telenovelas, with the beautiful leading lady torn between two handsome lovers.  The deciding factor for which one wins her heart? The one who uses Bing to find links that work, so he knows where to take her on a romantic date.

The ad is shown in general market programming, and yet is entirely in Spanish- the whole ad is subtitled, a rarity in the world of high-impact TV advertising.  The ad is only humorous if one is aware of the high corny factor in Spanish-language soap operas.  Do English-dominant TV viewers get it, or do they simply like the slapstick element and beautiful leading lady?  Is this ad more effective for U.S. Hispanics or a general market audience?  We find the ad entertaining and effective- and love hearing Spanish in primetime.  See for yourself below and let us know what you think in the comments:

The War of the Languages…. “Click Español”?

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Click Here if You Speak Spanish

Click Here if You Speak Spanish

When it comes to U.S. Hispanic marketing, it’s no secret that more and more dollars are migrating from traditional media to online and new media vehicles, reflective of the general U.S. market.  It is clear and has been proven that younger Hispanics (*46% of all Hispanics online are under 35 years old) are spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online through different devices such as their PCs, mobile phones and gaming.

We also know other Hispanic micro segments (usually older) are also transitioning to online venues as a more trusted source while going through the purchasing funnel.  A lot of advertisers would deduct that by investing only in an English online media mix they will, by spillover, reach this huge and growing Hispanic opportunity.

Not so fast my dear colleagues- the reason Hispanics can be reached through English media is NOT an imminent preference for English sites, but rather  the lack of quality and trust of the “Clic Español” option.  If a bilingual internet user visits an English language site and sees the option to click on a Spanish version of the site, more likely than not, they will not click through.  It is a war of the languages and a matter of trust, and as we begin to see better quality and content in Spanish, we are also learning that “in-language”, comprehensive web venues are getting marketing messaging across more effectively while making a stronger connection with U.S. Hispanics.

Finding the right partner to allocate your digital Hispanic dollars in the right fit will be the key factor to your marketing success.

*Source: Hispanic Cyber-Study by “AOL advertising” and “Cheskin”™ 2010

Small business growth: doing it for yourself

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Nurturing small business

Nurturing small business

According to research conducted by the entrepreneurial think tank Kauffman Foundation, in 2008, 320 out of 100,000 Americans started businesses every single month of the year. That is a lot of businesses! AND, that was presumably in the midst of the Recession.

This means if you took a group of 1,000 people, more than 3 of them would have started a business in a month. And over the course of the year, more than 36 of them would have started businesses.

It would be a safe bet that many, many more businesses were started in 2009 and so far in 2010. Some out of them were, are, and will be started out of necessity. Others out of inspiration. Either way, such small businesses are the backbone of modern enterprise. And they may represent an important transition for many to new, rewarding, and enriching ways to lead their lives.

Never before has it been as easy to start a business. Nor perhaps as necessary. Our immigrant citizens have always known this and shown the way. Sometimes that means having two jobs, and two or three side activities that make money: selling at “La Pulga,” party selling, side jobs, etc. It is part of what makes them immigrants and therefore part of who we are as a country. Embrace it. Support it. Make it happen.

Ads that enter through the nose

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Smell Advertising

Smell Advertising

Smell marketing is a stimulation technique that transmits certain values, utilizing the consumer’s sense of smell. Rockefeller University carried out a study of the human memory that found that people remember 5% of what they see, 2% of what they hear, 1% of what they touch, and 35% of what they smell.

These findings are already being applied in the fields of athletic shoes and cars.  Recently, a marketing company began different experiments in a dozen bars and restaurants in Helsinki, where scent diffusers were installed, emitting the smells of popular liquors.  Five of the participating locations used just visual ads, whereas in five others the same ads were complemented by the scent diffusers.  The locations where the smell marketing was used saw sales go up 8%, in comparison to the ones that didn’t use smell marketing.

The best use of this marketing method would be for the the human mind to recur to certain types of memories when the consumer smells the scent of a taste and smell he is already familiar with.

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