Hispanic Moms and Their Shopping Habits

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Mama knows best

Mama knows best

Mothers in all cultures are, of course, the all-important nucleus of the family unit. Never more so than in the Hispanic household.  Abuelas too! Still, often times companies marketing to Hispanics overlook both the obvious power and subtleties of communicating with and to Hispanic Moms.

Here are some things that have occurred to be reasonably clear by media mavens who know about such things:

When they are less acculturated, Latinas tend to be more brand loyal, especially when they’ve used certain brands in their country of origin — tending to go with brands they already know.  Less acculturated Hispanic women are also very willing to try new brands or change if they don’t find what they are used to using. Media branding helps.

These less-acculturated Hispanic women may have limited access to the Internet, so they may be less likely to shop online. That said, it has been found that they are about 8% less likely to shop online than non-Hispanics, but they are starting to realize that the best deals are online- coupons, for example, such as Cuponeando and Ahorros para Mama. More acculturated Hispanic women DO use the Web for researching products. And they are more likely to click on banner ads than non-Hispanics, because they see the ads more as information. They are very receptive to online ads. They also tend to be quite receptive to viewing e-mail and opening the e-mail.

At the end of the day, it appears that smart marketers would be well-advised to pay particular attention to the Hispanic Mom. She not only makes many of the financial decisions for herself and her children in the household, she largely acts as the primary researcher and influencer for ALL buying decisions in the household (ok, maybe cerveza is a bit of a stretch). Staying the course with the Hispanic Mom and continuing to test, track and address her as the amazing buying force that she is will surely lead to sustainable and growing success in winning this huge market over. Mom knows best, in every culture.

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  • Yolanda at Cuponeando


    Yes, more and more Latinas are taking advantages of online sales and coupons. We lare starting to do more research so informed decisions can be made.


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