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Ads that enter through the nose

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Smell Advertising

Smell Advertising

Smell marketing is a stimulation technique that transmits certain values, utilizing the consumer’s sense of smell. Rockefeller University carried out a study of the human memory that found that people remember 5% of what they see, 2% of what they hear, 1% of what they touch, and 35% of what they smell.

These findings are already being applied in the fields of athletic shoes and cars.  Recently, a marketing company began different experiments in a dozen bars and restaurants in Helsinki, where scent diffusers were installed, emitting the smells of popular liquors.  Five of the participating locations used just visual ads, whereas in five others the same ads were complemented by the scent diffusers.  The locations where the smell marketing was used saw sales go up 8%, in comparison to the ones that didn’t use smell marketing.

The best use of this marketing method would be for the the human mind to recur to certain types of memories when the consumer smells the scent of a taste and smell he is already familiar with.