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Winds of Change: Alcance reaches out to Mexico at IAB Conecta

Written by Christopher Stanley on . Posted in Digital, Hispanic, Marketing, Research, Technology

IAB Conecta

IAB Conecta

From banking scandals to ominous warnings of a double dip recession, there are always significant events floating around in the news.  While each person or company has their struggles to contend with, or you know people close to you that are struggling, there are always some positive stories around to give hope.

In the marketing, there are companies losing and winning accounts everyday, as well as team members who have moved on to other opportunities.

The View from Our New Office

The View from Our New Office

In the case of Alcance Media Group, we started in late 2007 with a key group of three individuals working from home, cafes or wherever there was a free internet connection.  Through a difficult recession we have continued to grow, and now have team members across the U.S. and Latin America and have recently moved into a new office with spectacular views of the San Francisco skyline (of course at a reasonable cost due to low commercial property rates).  Here it is:

Alcance Media Group started with a focus on the U.S. Hispanic market and maintains a personal and client- centric approach.  As the network has grown, we have found new client needs, from helping agencies offer their clients multicultural and online services to assisting website publishers in monetizing their inventory.  It all started with one publisher, an ad server, and one advertiser and has continued to grow.

With a very small budget in 2008, I decided on an exploratory trip to Mexico City with nothing more than one contact from a major advertising agency.  After much follow up, we were able to obtain a $3,000 month-long trial that has now extended into a long-term relationship with the agency.  Just as our first client in 2007 helped jumpstart the company, that one Mexican client has led to our relationship with other Mexico-based companies, major Mexican publications, and an expansion of our efforts in the region.

According to Pew Hispanic Research, nearly two thirds of U.S. Hispanics self identify as being of Mexican origin.  Not only does this offer an opportunitiy to U.S. companies seeking to reach Hispanics in the U.S., it also offers a great opportunity to Mexican companies on both sides of the border.

I will admit freely that though I do enjoy “business meetings”  involving Lucha Libre and tequila, the focus when I’m in Mexico on business is to learn more about each company’s needs and adapt our services to them.  Now with a business development team working with Mexican companies, we are expanding our focus and have joined the Interactive Advertising Bureau in Mexico.

We are attending the IAB Conecta 2010 conference taking place July 29-30th in Mexico City.  Whether it is one contact that becomes a client, a business contact or just a personal relationship with other professionals, this conference promises to be worthwhile and if you go, make sure to say, “Hola”.