Ad Age’s Hispanic Fact Pack 2010

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Ad Age Hispanic Fact Pack 2010

Ad Age Hispanic Fact Pack 2010

Each year Advertising Age comes out with their annual Hispanic Fact Pack, which has become an excellent informational tool for those of us working with or interested in the Hispanic market.  This annual guide offer great insight into the Hispanic Market in the U.S., at a reasonable price.

I make sure each year to share this guide with our team and of course with our partners.  The  2010 version of Ad Age’s Hispanic Fact Pack has just been released.  We highly recommend giving it a look. Some highlights include data on Hispanic buying power for the top 20 U.S. markets, among many, many others!


Christopher Stanley

Alcance Meda Group‘s Founder/CEO Chris’ path to Hispanic culture wasn’t obvious growing up in Midland, Michigan. Today Chris leads a multicultural staff, travels frequently to Latin America.