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Jonrón: Major League Baseball and the Hispanic Market

Written by Christopher Stanley on . Posted in Marketing, Sports

San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants

On the heels of the tremendous focus of advertisers reaching out to the Hispanic market during the World Cup,  I found myself in Phoenix (on what would be a 100 degree plus day) to meet with the executives at Major League Baseball.  In preparation, I researched some information about MLB, downloaded the free iPhone app, and checked out some highlights on the $14.99 iPad app to gain some more insight into the organization.

While not overly excited that my Detroit Tigers were lagging (10 games back), and my other team, the San Francisco Giants, were on the outside of the Wild Card race, I was anxious to find out more about MLB’s digital efforts.

I learned that Major League Baseball embraces the Hispanic community and has for a long time.  From Spanish language websites for all the teams to U.S. Hispanic and cross border marketing, MLB is well ahead of the curve.  Compare the MLB, which has significant content agreements with the likes of to create and distribute content in Spanish, to the N.B.A., who recently launched campaigns on how to say their name.

In the U.S., Hispanic doesn’t necessarily mean Spanish dominant; nevertheless, a good way to see Major League’s dedication to the market is through MLB’s Spanish site.  Not only do you get MLB team sites in Spanish, but for those players with ties to other countries (such as the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Mexico), there are pages dedicated to the Winter Leagues in those countries, or Ligas Invernales.  The league also actively monitors the news about and public relations for players and prospects.  In addition to the league’s existing efforts, the individual teams have their own events and public outreach to the many local and surrounding communities.  Whether it is the Gigantes de San Francisco reaching out to the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area, or the Florida Marlins or Los Angeles Dodgers reaching outside U.S. borders, the entire MLB community has rightly recognized the opportunity that the Hispanic market offers. Enjoy this dispatch from a Texas Rangers game from Lili Gil here.