Marketers as Content Providers to the Hispanic Community

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Qué Rica Vida - General Mills

Qué Rica Vida - General Mills

In the battle for the hearts and minds of the Hispanic market, the CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies are reaching out to the community with content-driven initiatives. A recent MediaPost article by Joe Kutchera equates online content as the new brand marketing.

The article discusses the efforts of General Mills, SC Johnson, Kraft and other CPG companies’ content initiatives. While more detail about their efforts is available in the article, here is a quick breakdown of some of the sites being developed by major brands that are much more than just a landing page- they are information resources for the Hispanic community.

Comida Kraft (Kraft Foods)
Right @ Home (SC Johnson)
Pampers Village (Procter & Gamble)
Vive Mejor (Uniliever)

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