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Latinas and Cell Phones

Latinas and Cell Phones

Portada recently highlighted the findings of a study detailing how young Latinos use digital means to communicate.  The study focuses on the use of cell phones for both talking and texting (big difference), land lines, and social media, comparing participants by gender, age (under/over 26), language, native-born vs. foreign born, and Hispanics vs. non-Hispanics.  Some highlights include:

– Young Hispanic males are less likely than young Hispanic females to use social networking sites for communication – 19% versus 27%.

– While 68% of English-dominant and half of bilingual young Latinos use text messaging daily for communication, just 19% of Spanish-dominant young Latinos do the same.

– Two thirds (65%) of the native-born say they communicate with their friends by text message daily, while just 26% of the foreign-born do so. And more than half (55%) of the native born talk daily by cell phone with their friends, while just 29% of the foreign-born say they do the same.

The findings echo those of previous studies that show that young, acculturated Latinos have better access to technology than foreign-born, Spanish dominant Latinos. And of course, we see that men and women use the internet in different ways. It turns out women, at least on line, are the more social of the sexes.

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