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Hispanic Market and the 2010 World Series

Written by Christopher Stanley on . Posted in Hispanic, Sports

2010 World Series

2010 World Series

In honor of the 2010 World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers, and prompted by a San Francisco Examiner article this morning “From Cepeda to Uribe Latin Love shines in SF” , I was thinking about how the teams and cities break down in their “Hispanicity.” First of all I now live in San Francisco, and as such the Giants have been my National League team of choice for the last fifteen years, and I have had the pleasure of attending numerous games in AT&T Park (*my hometown Detroit Tigers are in the AL and not in the World Series this year).

Major League Baseball has embraced the Hispanic market as mentioned in a previous article “Jonron: Major League Baseball and the Hispanic Market”. In addition to working with the individual teams, the league is involved in recruiting on an international level. While the Rangers don’t have a name that translates well and are left with Los Rangers, there are numerous players on their roster that have made significant contributions to their World Series run. In the case of the Giants there are numerous jerseys on sale that denote “Los Gigantes”, so translation is not an issue, and with players such as Edgar Renteria, Andres Torres, Juan Uribe and Pablo Sandoval making significant contributions the team has a great opportunity to market these players to the community.

While all MLB teams are keeping their eyes open for talent of all origins, you can be sure that frequent recruiting trips are being made to places like Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic to look for the next generation of talent. Additionally, the marketers of MLB teams will continue to look for ways to involve these players in their efforts to market to the important Hispanic community in their area. Below is a quick breakdown of the teams with a quick look at their roster and some quick tidbits as to the importance of the Latino community in each market. Enjoy the World Series and Viva los Gigantes!

Team and Market Comparison:

Los Gigantes de San Francisco:
California Hispanic Population. Sources: Pew Hispanic Center / Advertising Age’s Hispanic Fact Pack

In the San Francisco Giants Corner: The team has a dedicated Spanish website for Los Gigantes de San Francisco and numerous marketing programs dedicated to courting the Hispanic market. California is the state with the largest Latino population, however the San Francisco Bay Area only ranks as the 9th largest Hispanic television market and number 7 in terms of Hispanic buying power.

San Francisco’s Hispanic players (active playoff roster): Source: San Francisco Examiner

[table id=1 /]

San Francisco Montgomery BART Station, 8:45am, October 28th, 2010

San Francisco Montgomery BART Station, 8:45am, October 28th, 2010

Los Rangers de Texas
Texas Hispanic Population. Sources: Pew Hispanic Center / Advertising Age’s Hispanic Fact Pack

In the Texas Rangers Corner: While they do not have a dedicated website in Spanish they do have Hispanic Heritage Nights and dedicated Hispanic outreach programs. The Dallas/Fort Worth metro area while located in the 2nd highest Hispanic population state is ranked as the 5th largest Hispanic television market and is #6 in terms of Hispanic buying power. These high rankings combined with the prominence of Latin American Players on the roster make the Rangers a major interest for the Hispanic market and will most likely lead to increased efforts in the teams marketing department.

Projected Latin American players on Rangers’ 25-man postseason roster. Source: Dallas Morning News

[table id=2 /]

Latino Giants

Latino Giants

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Christopher Stanley

Alcance Meda Group‘s Founder/CEO Chris’ path to Hispanic culture wasn’t obvious growing up in Midland, Michigan. Today Chris leads a multicultural staff, travels frequently to Latin America.

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