Discovery Networks in Spanish

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Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel has a site “En Español” called Tu Discovery, which literally means “Your Discovery”. Discovery Communications has developed a series of sites focusing on different target audiences. Discovery Channel in Spanish includes DiscoveryKids, Discovery Familia and Experiencia Discovery. This brand name creates a sense of  comfort and ownership for the Spanish-speaking user. The sites offer access to a range of services, from health issues to kids entertainment and TV programming. Those interested in science and technology can find information, blogs and videos (called infovideos), as well as useful graphics (called infografías).

The most interesting site is, in my opinion, Discovery Home and Health, where you can find advice for parenting, relationships, beauty, home decor and style (a la Martha Stewart), among other topics.  The content in Spanish is well-written and organized, and the blog posts are also interesting and informative.

Discovery en Español will  take you to Your Discovery experience with well written and well-developed sites. Enjoy discovering!

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