Hispanics Receptive to Interactive Ads: Terra

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Interactive Ads

Interactive Ads

Terra conducted an online survey in the fall that showed that Hispanics are more receptive to interactive ads. Many studies of this nature are coming to light, and they seem to all stem from the fact the Hispanic population overall is young. These young Hispanics spend many hours online, and don’t regard online ads with disdain, as many non-Hispanics do. They see them as additional sources of information.

What else does the survey reveal? Almost 40% of Hispanics “enjoy” interactive options provided by online video ads, as compared with 25% of non-Hispanics. 35% of Hispanics said they were “more open to advertising on sites where they read or contribute user generated comments.” That’s compared to 27% for non-Hispanics. The online medium offers a level of interactivity that Hispanics enjoy that traditional media (print, radio) simply can’t match. Lastly, the writeup of the study in MediaPost notes that 36% of Hispanics say Internet advertising has prompted them to head to a retail store, vs. 24% of non-Hispanics. So online ads lead to direct sales in the Hispanic community. Hispanics, according to this study, are more than receptive to online advertising. They just need to be targeted.

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