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ClickOnero, the LatinAmerican Groupon

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ClickOnero´s Logo

With sites in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, ClickOnero has the same businesses model of in the US. They offer group discounts for restaurants, bars, concerts, many events, museums, among others.

ClickOnero is a slang that means “the one who clicks,” and their slogan is “¡Es divertido comprar asi!” which translates to “It is a lot of fun to buy this way!” The idea is to buy services (as a wholesale) from micro to medium size businesses and then turn around and sell them online at a discount.

I applaud this businesses model, as it really benefits everyone in the buy-to-sell transaction. From bringing clients to the small or large businesses, to generating profits for ClickOnero by charging middleman fees (and creating jobs!!!), to the customer who can get all kinds of deals up to 90% off retail prices… I am definitely buying!