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Using Music to Reach Hispanics

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Bomba Estereo

Bomba Estereo

They say that when you hear a favorite song, you always think of when you first heard it (most likely when you were younger). The connections we form when we hear a favorite piece of music last a lifetime. It is no wonder then that music can be a very powerful marketing tool. Intel is perhaps better known for its trademarked music  than for its logo. We make musical associations with certain brands- and likewise, brands try to make associations between music and the listeners that listen to it.

Luis Miguel Messianu of Alma DDB writes in AdAge about how music should (and shouldn’t) be used to market to young Latinos, whom he has coined fusionistas. These fusionistas live between two cultures, and thus listen to both the music of their parent’s culture and American popular music. A young Latino’s playlist may contain Lady Gaga, Banda el Recodo, and Rihanna. They may have Jennifer Lopez’s songs in both English and Spanish. Messianu also notes that Latin music can’t be thought of as a monolith- the regional Mexican genre alone encompasses banda, ranchera, norteño, and other sub-genres.

So what is the takeaway here? Perhaps a “fusion” campaign that includes not just the music of Katy Perry, not just Ivy Queen, but some combination of Latin and mainstream artists is recommended. And as Latin becomes the mainstream, the line between the various genres will disappear.