Mexico’s natural wonder: The Copper Canyon

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Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon

The deepest and most spectacular Canyon of the Sierra Madre Ranges is the Copper Canyon or “Barranca del Cobre,” located south of the US border, in the states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa, Mexico.

It has historically been an enigma destination because of the difficulty of transportation access and the lack of advertisement and information about the region. In recent years however, the decline of visitors has been caused by the panic created from the wave of crimes related to the drug violence around the country, specially in the northern border.

The Copper Canyon has been a destination to travelers and adventurers who have been coming for centuries, this area is a wild and underexplored part of Mexico but it is NOT a dangerous place to visit.

Tourist services have operated here for over fifty years, safely hosting thousands of travelers throughout the Canyon’s region without ever encountering any violence.

Copper Canyon Map

Copper Canyon Map

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  • Dan Caparros


    Agustin Caparros with a Closer Look Tours has been operating this tour for over 20 years. He has hosted thousands of traveler’s and almost everyone would tell you this is one of the best trips they have been on. We invite everyone to consider this journey and experience the real Mexico!


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