Comcast brand name: Xfinity

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Xfinity app for iPads.

Xfinity app for iPads.

Comcast is probably the most hated cable company in the United States. It has terrible customer reviews and even a Facebook page called “I hate Comcast.” So, the giant CableTV-Internet-Phone provider came up with the marketing strategy of bringing a new brand name for its products: Xfinity .

And what does Xfinity mean?

In terms of marketing and sales, Xfinity gives Comcast a new, fresh, not yet hated name to the very same products and services they were offering before. Instead of investing in better customer service, they decided to pour millions of dollars in a new brand name. Smart marketing? We’ll see…

The one thing that is very exciting about Xfinity, in my opinion, is its new app for iPads. Basically, subscribers can now watch portable TV anywhere there is wifi. Xfinity users have access to browse thousands of hours of “iPad entertainment.” This is great news for technology enthusiasts, especially as TV entertainment trends switch from TV screens to computers, iPads and other mobile devices. I am sure Comcast will keep updating its technology faster than other cable companies. We only hope they also increase their quality of customer service as well. We’ll see…

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