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Latino Search

Latino Search

In his recent Clickz article, Gustavo Razzetti includes some interesting examples of what makes Latino use of search engines stand out. For example, someone reading the analytics of those searching for keyword, “Oscars,” during the Oscar telecast would have seen a huge spike. And meanwhile, Latinos were searching for “Los Oscar.” If you know what to look for, you can see how Latinos are looking for things online.

Another great example is the fact that most U.S. searches for movie “Toy Story 3” were done in Spanish. Also, Latinos are increasingly using smartphones, and there is a strong correlation between using smartphones and using search features (Google, Bing) within the phone. Marketers can analyze search trends to see how consumer behavior changes over time (the example given in the article is that as the recession peaked, so did the search for keyword “gratis,” or free). A good tool for marketers is Google Trends. Bottom line? Latinos are using search; it’s wise to make yourself easily found.

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