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Online Advertising – A powerful tool to reach the US Hispanic community

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Hispanic Online

Hispanic Online

Personally, as a US Hispanic/Latino—which ever you prefer—I enjoy being on my laptop surfing the web for many different reasons: reading my news, getting updates on all the soccer trends, buying stuff online, etc. As a bilingual individual, I find myself in both Spanish and English sites; I choose the one that gives me the best and most information. For example, for soccer news I usually choose my Spanish language sites because they tend to have more information than any of the English sites.

According to an eMarketer article, “In 2008, eMarketer estimates there are 23 million Hispanics online.” I consider myself one of them, and we users make up a little more than 50% of the US Hispanic population. The article also estimates that in 2012, almost 30 million US Hispanics will be online.

The numbers only seem to get bigger and bigger every year, which is probably the reason why I have seen more publicity on Spanish language sites recently. In my opinion, I consider the online Hispanic inventory to be a small, rich niche, and growing as we speak. And, it is also one of the most valuable inventories out there.