Visitors Following Links From Social Sites Seem Less Interested In Content

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Breakdown of Traffic Sources

Breakdown of Traffic Sources

The connective and collective sharing of content online has exploded as social media engagement has become more and more ubiquitous. And person-to-person sharing has become the prime way content producers strive to have their information disseminated. Although, many studies suggest email is still the top way people share content and search is the top way people find websites, thus social sharing is increasingly under scrutiny.

A recent study from Outbrain indicates that just over 10 percent of external referrals are from social media sites, compared with nearly 41 percent from search and almost a third from other content sites. And, referrals from social sites fall largely into a few content categories. The study shows that social media users love sharing news and entertainment stories, accounting for nearly three-quarters of all social media referrals. Outbrain also found social media referrals were usually less engaged than those from search or other content sites: with fewer page views per session and a higher bounce rate.

The report suggested that referrals from content sites were already in reading mode, and search referrals were actively looking for specific information. Social media site users, on the other hand, make up fewer referrals to content pages, and those who do click are less likely to be engaged. It stands to reason that as social media use and technology matures, these metrics will likely change. Until then, you may want to simply share this article.

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