Ad Review: Sofia Vergara for Diet Pepsi

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Sofia Vergara and Diet Pepsi

Sofia Vergara and Diet Pepsi

In its new ad, Diet Pepsi utilizes two strong assets: the power of social media, and Colombian beauty Sofia Vergara, of ABC’s “Modern Family”. The ad combines these factors with a surprise element at the end, creating a delightful promotion.

The plot is simple: Sofia is on the beach, and finds a quick way to clear the snack bar of patrons so that she can have a Diet Pepsi, by tweeting that she’s on the beach and just spotted David Beckham. She is then able to buy her Diet Pepsi in peace, along with David Beckham, who wonders what all the commotion is about.

I applaud Diet Pepsi for featuring an up and coming Latina celebrity (although I learned that there was some controversy over possible retouching in Pepsi’s print version of the campaign). The ad would have us believe that everyone at the beach is following Sofia Vergara on Twitter; though not likely, it is true that social media has an impact.

Just for fun, here’s an old Pepsi commercial that Sofia Vergara did when she was 17!

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