Beef, it’s what’s for dinner in the Latino community

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Latinos are the main source of growth for the grocery industry

Latinos are the main source of growth for the grocery industry

In a time of economic hardship for many in the US, The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) is doing a good job educating their distributors about new trends, including publishing an article on their website: “Hispanic buying power will impact your bottom line”.

The article has many powerful statistics like, “the Hispanic population is the largest ethnic group in the United States and is growing three times faster than any other ethnic group,” and, “It is predicted that Hispanics will spend just over $1.2 trillion in 2012.” Stats like these are not just useful to people within the beef industry, but to anyone trying to reach the Hispanic Market.

The fact is, that “Hispanic customers spend 42% more on beef purchases than any other ethnic group,” and it behooves (pun intended) the NCBA to not only understand this diverse market, but also to educate their distributors. The article gives useful tips to retailers like preferred cuts by country of origin, bilingual signage ideas and Hispanic recipes. One of the most impressive resources the NCBA posts on this page is the “Beef Training Camp: Hispanic Marketing pamphlet.” Another article put out by the NCBA outlines the effectiveness of Hispanic POS Elements in four test areas.

The article also offers a link to, which is a Spanish language offshoot of the NCBA’s main site, offering tips for recipes and events to the Latino community. In a time when companies are feeling their ribs after recent lean years, the NCBA is taking control of their future; they are finding new, creative ways to access consumer dollars.

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