US Hispanics are Leading the Way in Mobile Technology

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Hispanics Mobil

Hispanics Mobil

It has been said on many occasions that mobile technology is the way of the future when it comes to communication and access to the internet. We all have come a long way, in such a short period of time, in our access to the world wide web. From dial-up to broadband, and now to mobile, it seems that we can not wait to check our email or to see who has posted what on Facebook. We want access, and we want it now.

In the United States, no group has embraced mobile technology more than Hispanics. According to story posted on last week, it was noted that Hispanics own a larger percentage of mobile phones than the white population. In today’s mobile market, you can buy a smartphone for under $50, therefore increasing the ability for more people to access the internet quickly and effectively.

Mintel, a company focused on consumer, product and market research has found that 25 percent of Hispanics use mobile technology as their main source for internet access. This number is sure to increase in the coming years, and advertisers are taking notice, as I am already seeing a lot more ads than just a few months ago.

This trend does nothing but strengthen Hispanics´place in the mobile marketplace. Advertisers need to increase their marketing efforts towards Hispanics online, and I am sure that they will see a return on their investment.

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