Not so fast: Education in Marketing

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Marketing Education

Marketing Education

For those of us working in Hispanic-focused media or agencies, we assume that everyone understands the importance of the Hispanic market—and of course, the U.S. Census results have done nothing but reinforce this.

Nothing brings to your attention how wrong this statement is, until you work with new sales team members as they push to make new contacts with clients and agencies, and discussing phone call results and addressing responses to such statements as, “Hispanics are not online,” or, “We don’t do online advertising.” Then, you are slapped in the face with the reality of the greater marketing landscape.

As marketing executives, we get together in big rooms at fancy hotels and tout the latest and greatest while giving awards to the big budget trendsetters; however, there is a much larger group of companies looking to invest in their brand.

Yes, when I hear a company say, especially one that actually caters to the Hispanic consumer, that their customers are not online, I say to myself, “Really? Of the 29.6 million Hispanics that go online each month, none of them could potentially be interested in your service?” Yet, of course the fact is that outside of the multicultural marketing community, statistics like these from eMarketer and those of an excellent Portada supplement are not commonly known among business owners or even most CMO’s.

As time and budgets are limited, many continue with what they know, and to some extent have probably been successful. However, there are much greater opportunities out there than just hoping business owners will start deciding to pay $600 to $2,000 for marketing studies; there is the opportunity to sit down with advertisers of all sizes and educate them on what´s available and show how they will benefit. Who knows, you may even learn something by going back to basics.

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