The power of the bloguera: Cont’d

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Kmart is tapping into the Latino blogging community´s power and reach. In an article put out earlier this month, Ad Age Hispanic highlights Kmart’s bold move to incorporate Blogueras in their efforts reach Hispanics online by kicking off their ‘Latina Smart’ platform built around five Blogueras. Each of the five Latinas writes regular blog posts that run on both the Latina Smart Facebook page and on their own blogs, and engages in other activities such as Twitter parties and photo contests.

This is a good example how large companies are becoming more and more aware of the need to reach out to the Hispanic community. With over 50 million people and an estimated $1.2 trillion spending power in 2012, this should be no secret, but I find myself constantly amazed by the underutilization of this avenue.

While this might be news to the larger advertising community, it is something we know quite well at Alcance Media Group.  In one of our own articles from last September, Latina Bloggers: A New Force in Hispanic Marketing, we discuss our long-term and fruitful relationship with this blogging community; we currently work with over 70 Latino blogs and will continue our efforts to do so. This influential community has been an integral part of our success, so we know well the power of the Bloguera.

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  • Drew Laine


    Blogging has become such a powerful tool. How would you suggest a site like ours could reach this audience?


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