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Ad Age

Ad Age

Among the top advertising publications that I look forward to is, of course, the weekly arrival of Advertising Age, as well as its online counterpart whenever the urge arises to catch up on the latest advertising news. One of the June editions featured the listing of 100 Leading National Advertisers, detailing the spending habits of major companies.

Statistics are always some of the most important parts of the articles, and here are just a few:

•    10.2 percent – the drop in advertising spending in 2009 in comparison to the previous year (ouch).
•    8.8 percent – the growth in advertising spending for 2010.
•    4.4 percent – First quarter 2011 growth, which would be the slowest growth since the 2010 rebound started  (hmmmm).

Another one of the more interesting items comes from the #1 U.S. Advertiser based in Cincinnati, Procter & Gamble. They also appear in the top two spots for Network TV, Cable TV, and Magazine spending. In Newspaper, they are still in the top ten; however, one of the most notable absences is their presence in Internet (Display), where they do not even crack the top ten.  In fact, Verizon and Walt Disney are the only companies in the top 20 of overall spending that cracked the top 10 in Internet for 2010.

Did the others spend all of their money on TV?  Do they not think the internet is relevant? Or are they being displaced in this category by advertisers with smaller budgets who are using internet as their primary tool instead of whatever is left over?

In the report, those present in the Internet top 10 rarely show up in the other categories. In Network TV and Newspapers, only Verizon is present, but in Cable TV the lone representative is Walt Disney and in Magazines, not a single one. To reach your own conclusions, check out the entire report Ad Age Report.

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