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Anybody speak Spanish?

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Speak spanish

Speak spanish

Many times, I have encountered situations where someone with a Latino background does not speak English very well and asks to speak with someone who speaks Spanish. I have seen it so often that I believe it is essential to always have someone who speaks Spanish at a company, preferably someone who also knows the culture. These employees will not only help translate what the client is saying, but will create such a connection with the Spanish speaker that it will help to bring in more business, solve problems and create many new relationships.

According to the article “Habla Espanol? Your Company Will Soon Have to Do That,” some corporations are already using the phrase, “Estamos para servirle,” which translates to, “We are here to serve you.” The article explains that companies who do not understand the importance of using the Spanish language are ignoring a major business opportunity.

Gmail Man

Microsoft openly mocks Google’s mail service

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It’s not the first time a major company has made a critique through video, but this is perhaps the most direct we’ve seen. Supposedly leaked onto the internet after being shown at an internal Microsoft meeting –no one has admitted to it– the video shows a “Gmail Man” personifying Google’s mail system.

The objective is to prove that Google spies on their clients’ emails in order to show advertisements fit for their needs. In contrast, Microsoft proposes Office 365 as an alternative to Gmail.