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Tech-savvy mommies prefer information-rich ads

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Online Ad Formats that Grab Mom’s Attention

Online Ad Formats that Grab Mom’s Attention

New survey shows that more information means more purchases

When it comes to those making discerning economic considerations for the family, mothers are often the most important targets for marketers. More and more, to reach those lucrative and valuable mothers, marketers are investing considerably in digital advertising. But, it’s not enough just to shout out at those ladies, they want some steak with the sizzle.

And when it comes to advertisements, a recent survey of moms by seems to conclude that the type of ads that engage mothers are those best experienced online. A strong 51 percent of moms said that “ads that provide detailed information about how I can use a product,” grab their attention. They want to be educated, not merely sold to or entertained.

Another 39 percent of’s respondents said that “visually appealing ads,” could get their attention, while another 21 percent were attentive to interactive ads like polls, quizzes and games.

Actions taken after viewing online ads also favored digital advertising. An impressive 53 percent visited the product website, followed by 51 percent who printed ads or coupons. Forty-eight percent of moms did more research online, and 44 percent clicked on the ad. Nearly 40 percent of the moms polled purchased the product being advertised. So if you want to sell to moms, reach them where they live and help them make informed buying decisions.