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Lady Gaga and the importance of building community

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Lady Gaga Marketing

Lady Gaga Marketing

Louis Marino recently wrote an interesting article describing what marketers can learn about building a community in “5 Things Lady Gaga Can Teach Marketers About Community Building“. At first I thought Marino’s approach was smart in using a pop culture phenomenon and a handy numbered list in one article, but in addition to hitting those sweet spots, he also has some interesting insight to the way Lady Gaga connects to her fans, and how marketers can similarly build community around their brands.

So what does Lady Gaga know that marketers could use? For one thing, she knows her audience. Her fans are passionate about her, and she embraces them. She treats them as her boss, interacting with them frequently through social media. Marketers must know their customers and put them first. The customers, in turn, will appreciate this. Secondly, and perhaps most counterintuitively for many marketers, Lady Gaga makes herself vulnerable. The takeaway for marketers is that when brands are honest about who they are, they will attract strong devotees. As a commenter replied to the article, the key component of Lady Gaga’s fanbase and a successful marketing campaign is PASSION. When musicians and marketers, plus fans and customers, are passionate about something, it shows.