Hispanic Facebook use growing rapidly

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Over the past few years, both Facebook and the US Latino population have experienced tremendous growth. It began in 2004, and in less than eight years, Facebook is on track to reach 1 billion members. With the world’s population nearing 7 billion people, that means that one out of every seven people on Earth will be on Facebook.

Similarly, the Hispanic population has grown significantly since the 2000 Census. At that point, there were just over 35 million Hispanics, accounting for 12.5 percent of the total population–in other words, one out of every eight people in the US was Hispanic. Fast forward to the 2010 Census: There are now over 50 million Hispanics in the US, and they account for over 16 percent of the population.

With this information in hand, it came as no surprise to find out that Hispanics on Facebook have also grown tremendously. According to comScore, Latino users on Facebook grew by 167 percent compared to 21 percent for non-Hispanics. There are definitely a number of factors as to why this occurred. One reason may be that Hispanics are starting to have access to the internet at record numbers. Many turn to their smart-phones for web access. The other reason could be that Hispanics tend to be very family-oriented; when they discover something that interests them, they are quick to invite their friends and family to join. Facebook provides another medium for Hispanics to stay closely connected with family and friends.

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