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Will Apple miss Steve Jobs as its CEO?

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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

In my opinion, I believe Apple will have a hard time finding a successor for Steve Jobs.  Jobs has not only helped the company in inventing products like the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone and many more cool products, he was and is also key when it comes to advertising the product. One great example is when Jobs introduced the Macintosh in 1984 with an awesome and classic commercial where the message was that the Macintosh was going to change the computer world.

Due to all the time and work he put into this company for many decades, Apple will definitely miss Jobs as its CEO; Apple is what it is because of Jobs, the company is his vision. Almost every Apple product was his idea, and I, as an Apple consumer who owns many Apple products, will keep my eyes open for the next product that is released by Apple without Steve Jobs.