The American (Hispanic) Dream

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The american dream

The american dream

Many people living in this country have heard about the “American Dream,” which consists of being able to get an education, get married and buy a home of your own. America is a land where one can accomplish incredible things, but, it does come at a price? In the United States, we take the least amount a vacation days than anywhere in the world. US employees only average 13 paid days off a year, while our neighbors to the north, Canada, averages 26 days off a year. In Europe, a number of countries average three times the paid time off that Americans receive; in France, employees average 37 days off and in Italy employees average 42 days off a year.

So why do so many people from other countries come to the United States each and every year? It’s because of that American dream, a dream of which Hispanics are incredibly fond. They do not see the same opportunities in their country, and believe that America offers them what their country doesn’t. Hispanics are hard workers by nature and will work multiple jobs if needed in order to support their family and purchase a home of their own. In fact, a recent study showed that Hispanic home ownership has increased, while there has been a decrease in home-ownership among other races.

I believe that those involved in education and the real estate professions need to heavily target Hispanics. Whether it’s a university or a home builder, Hispanics are here because of their belief in the “American Dream.”

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