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Jarritos targets the U.S. general market

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Jarritos Mural. Photo courtesy of adsoftheworld.com

Jarritos Mural. Photo courtesy of adsoftheworld.com

The New York Times recently highlighted the efforts by Mexican soda brand Jarritos to penetrate the U.S. general market. The ad campaign, which is being rolled out initially in Austin Texas, features the tagline “We’re not From Here” and features classic images from Mexican popular culture, such as wrestler’s masks and taco trucks.

Novamex, the Agency of Record, has hired the Austin street artist Federico Archuleta to paint murals in Hollywood, Venice Beach and elsewhere with designs like a skull wearing a sombrero surrounded by Jarritos, as seen in the image at left. They’re also handing out samples in the L.A. area by driving large tricycles driven by men in Mexican wrestling garb, accompanied by a food truck. The innovative campaign makes it clear that Novamex did its homework and found out who the best target market is to spread the word about Jarritos.

One criticism raised in the article is whether Jarritos has invested in proper distribution of its product. Genaro Gutierrez of the University of Texas states that, “If you convince me to buy something and then I don’t find it, I’ll forget it in five minutes”. Once Jarritos is able to place their sodas- with flavors like guava, tamarind and mango- in stores where they are readily available to the non-Hispanic consumer, it will be interesting to see how many bottles of the colorful soda are purchased.

The Intersection of Technology and Politics

Written by admin on . Posted in Digital, Hispanic, Marketing

Technology, internet and politics, concepts that today, go hand in hand.

Technology, internet and politics, concepts that today, go hand in hand.

We understand that due to increased connective technology and online services use, telecommunications has managed to significantly penetrate our world, up to being present in our political activism.

For example, in the State of Mexico´s recent elections this year, candidates made remarkable use of social networking, putting the known US concept of the “e-candidate” on the table. And although it is still not permitted for presidential election campaigns —there´s still more than a year to go— we can imagine how it would turnout.

Interestingly, the 2012 Mexican elections will be the country´s first presidential election with mass technology, which will play a fundamental role in the e-candidate´s victory or defeat. In Mexico, there are 14 million fixed broadband users, nearly eight million broadband mobile users and 22 million smartphones; thus, this new way of grabbing the voter´s attention has considerable potential.

Mexicans lookout, the next viral videos loose on the network could be those of your future president.

Introducing the Sony Tablet

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“Lovely, simple and as light as a magazine, this tablet responds quickly to touch, providing instantaneous access to all your favorite online content and much more.” Those are some of the new Sony Tablet´s qualities.

We leave you with this ingenious presentation, and we ask that in this same section, you be looking for another surprise that Sony gave us as a part of their “Sony Tablet” campaign.

FIFA announces a “marriage” between soccer and technology for 2012

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Leo Messi, Argentine star of international soccer.

Leo Messi, Argentine star of international soccer.

With almost three more years until the world´s most important sporting event, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, FIFA —the “big kahuna” of soccer— wants everything revolving around the event ready to go. Therefore, the organization will be focusing on avoiding last year´s problems in South Africa, especially in regards to the overturning and validation of goals, which left several dubious referees out on the field.

This time, FIFA announced the idea of using goal detecting aids called “next generation,” a technological system that has not yet been ruled out, and could be applied in Brazil´s World Cup. According to the Telegraph, soccer´s biggest entity is making every effort to begin implementing the technology in 2012 so that that the judges are more open to the idea when making their final decisions.

Though having started to conduct tests on various technologies since the beginning of this year, soccer´s governing body has not yet approved any company, as it seems their proposals do not meet the required standards necessary to combat last year´s problems.

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