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A healthy life starts with a good diet

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Healthy Food. Photo courtesy of

Healthy Food. Photo courtesy of

If we examine the world´s current food situation, we will see that while a large number of people lack food, those in developed countries are exactly the opposite: the supper food.

Populations´ eating habits have changed over time due to many factors, and this reality does not escape Latin American countries. There are direct and indirect methods of determining a population´s food consumption, one of which is based on a country´s food production, their imports and exports; we can use Mexico as an example, with the information given by the FAO. Despite resources and information given in how to adopt healthier eating, we continue to eat poorly. But, why?

We aren´t trained in dietetics and simply behave as children left alone in a candy store. We take so much more than we need, and suffer the consequences the next day. We eat and drink what we want, and our body suffers by our increasing dietary burden.

If we consider both our evolution and the behavior of primitive peoples, we conclude that our diet should be primarily plant based, adding a modest amount of meat or fish. Food should be properly distributed throughout the day and above all, must be complete with a lifetime of physical exercise, which will help both dietary regulation and excess nutrients consumption.

Body fat content could be extremely variable, because essential fats, namely those which we cannot ignore because they intervene with the structure of our organs and tissues, should represent just one kilo (2.2 pounds). The rest are fat reserves, easy to increase or decrease with a proper diet.

But, it seems that many lack a proper diet. According to the Latin American Herald Tribune, Puerto Rico is seeing epidemic proportions of obesity, and their government has recently launched “Jugando pro tu salud,” (Playing for your health), which is meant to combat this growing problem.

If companies are wise, they´ll join in this fight for healthier lifestyles, incorporating it in their advertising and making people hungry for more information.