The largest data centers in the world: engines of the internet

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Data centers

Data centers

Today, Data Centers make up an important part in how we live, with our need to be constantly updated with technology.

Currently, most of the world´s information is housed in large and powerful virtual information centers, which are used by private companies, the public, individuals and for defense. We trust in them in the storage, organization and execution of this global information.

These data centers around the world currently consume more energy in one year than a country such a Sweden, as they need powerful engines to maintain the Internet, as well as being of great importance to scientific and technological development. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and IBM are some of the most important users of these data centers and along with other agencies, they say these are the largest and most powerful centers on the planet.

Among one of the technological advancements that has today consolidated with more powerful servers is IBM´s server “zEnterprise,” which is a revolutionary technology, a result of more than three years of work and $1.5 million USD in investment. It´s considered “the most powerful and most energy efficient mainframe server to date,” and can “is 10 times faster with corporate data analysis.” Today, IBM estimates that 80 percent of its existing data in the world is stored on this mainframe, and that 75 percent of those companies included on the “Global Fortune 500” list are their clients.

The grandeur of some of these virtual brains is quite impressive, not only for their huge external aspects, but for the quantity of data they can store and process. On the Wikibon Blog, we can see some of the most important centers in the world.

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