Autos of the future, it´s all in your mind

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Mind Powered Cars

Mind Powered Cars

You only have to think of what you want it to do, and the auto does it for you. This is Nissan´s working concept in collaboration with École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland.

The EPFL has already developed a wheelchair that can be controlled by one´s mind, designed for people with mobility disabilities. Now, the idea is to take that technology and adapt it for a car system, combining driver and vehicle intelligence, said the project´s leader.

But, what happens if the driver gets distracted or their mind wanders? The EPFL is also working on that, and has a system that uses statistical analysis. And, what if you’re drunk? The car would refuse to start. Plus, it would always maintain each location´s speed limit.

To date, they´re working in market research so that this type of technology would be affordable for all and not just one economic sector. We suppose this will generate a huge revolution within the auto industry, helping physically disabled people go from place to place, needing only their mind.

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