Chilean youth online

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Chilean Man Online

Chilean Man Online

Internet users and online publicity are linked together entirely, and in some countries such as Chile, people spend a lot of their time online.

According to a study, “The State of the Internet in Chile 2011,” released by ComScore in July 2011, Chilean youth spend a third of their time online, making them one of the most involved segments.

The age range corresponding to these percentages is between 15 and 24 years old, both men and women, once again showing the large affinity between youth and online activities.

According to the study, after the Philippines and Malaysia, Chile is in third place of worldwide time spent online, surpassing the global average by 10 hours.

Quite an encouraging figure if you think about the online publicity seeking to objectify this segment, or for sites providing content for these young South Americans, such as

This is important data when making the decision about how, when and what to offer.

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