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The Hispanic Vote in 2012

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Hispanic Vote

Hispanic Vote

The 2012 presidential election is more than a year away, but if you watch much television, read the paper or browse the web, then you know that election coverage is in full-swing. While the candidates debate issues like tax-reform or healthcare, there are other issues as well. One of those issues is ensuring that Hispanics come out and vote for their chosen candidate. According to the Huffington Post, 25 states have ordered bilingual ballots. While some might complain that this is America and everybody should be able to read and write English, that just isn’t realistic in the America that we live in today.

Beyond allowing some Hispanics to vote using a Spanish ballot, it also makes sense to advertise in Spanish. There has to be a connection between the candidate and any given demographic. If the candidate feels that winning the Hispanic vote is critical-and it usually is- then they should stop at nothing to include Hispanics as a large part of their campaign marketing efforts.