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Fiat pairs with Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez presenta el FIAT 500 Cabrio 2012

Jennifer Lopez presenta el FIAT 500 Cabrio 2012

I haven’t reviewed an ad in this space for a long time, mostly because I simply haven’t seen any ads that featured Latino actors, like Ana de la Reguera in Kahlua or the State Farm campaign featuring a handsome Latino actor. Yet advertising professionals are buzzing about the new ads for Fiat starring Jennifer Lopez. People seem to either love it or hate it.

For one thing, there are two spots in question: the first showed J-Lo driving fast in a white Fiat, and ended with her getting out of the car and busting out some dance moves. It catches the viewer’s attention, for sure, but is also a bit confusing- is this the latest music video by Jennifer Lopez, or a car commercial, or both? The ad also ends quite abruptly, leaving the viewer wanting more. Ad Age reported that it marks a new entry into TV advertising for the struggling Fiat brand, but questions whether it chose the wrong way to do so.

The second ad is longer, and is less frenetically paced, featuring J-Lo leisurely driving through her old Bronx neighborhood. I find the second ad to be more effective, as we know we are watching a car commercial, and we get a better sense of how the car handles. I also like the smiling faces of the young residents of the Bronx neighborhood. It is a good effort to reach a multicultural audience that may have never heard of Fiat before. I only wish the campaign hadn’t had such a confusing beginning with the music video/car commercial hybrid. You can watch both ads, Papi and My World in our Media Center.