Old Navy and the Power of the Telenovela

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Estilos Robados

Estilos Robados

Old Navy is incorporating the power of Telenovelas in a recent push to reach Hispanic consumers. “Estilos Robados” (Stolen Styles) is a 6 part series where “the title hints at rivals’ efforts to steal the spotlight from the fashionable but spoiled protagonist Isabella, who plays a novela star.”

The idea was created in conjunction with AKQA and produced by Telemundo, where ads for the novela are currently running.  Each of the episodes runs about 5 minutes and ends with a choice of outfits for the following episode; the viewers are then asked to text in their favorite outfit for the following episode.  All costuming for the show is provided by Old Navy, but Old Navy does not appear in the script nor does any of the action take place in an Old Navy store.

In the first episode, called “Lagrimas, Lujuria, Lentejuelas” (Tears, Lust, Sequins:) Isabella has a handsome actor boyfriend who she shows off in the public eye, but it turns out that her real, secret love is a penniless chauffeur.  She is competing against another actress who has won the next novela role that Isabella desperately desires.   The episode finishes with her planning to march into the executive office, but the viewers need to text in her outfit first.

The campaign is smart and subtle, engaging the viewer, while not bombarding them with branding.  It will be interesting to see if branded entertainment like this catches on and becomes a bigger part of strategies for advertisers going forward.

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