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Google’s Most Popular Searches of 2011

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Every year Google reveals a list of the most popular terms searched for over the course of the year. The list of 2011 is broken up into a number of categories and contains some interesting results.

So what have Chileans been searching for this year? Among some the most popular Chilean searches are the Copa Ámerica, Los Wachiturros, and the increasingly popular game, Angry Birds. While Cancún, Aruba, Riviera Maya, Punta Cana, Barbados, and Santo Domingo are this year’s vacation destinations for Chileans, Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian, and Scarlett Johansson seem to be the favorites in terms of celebrities.

On a sadder note, the searches for the two plane crashes in early September as well as for Felipe Camiroaga, Roberto Bruce, and Amy Winehouse also are at the top of the list of Chilean searches after their deaths this year.

This year’s “most searched term award” of the ENTIRE WORLD goes to the 14-year-old singer, Rebecca Black. Although she has received an overwhelming amount of online attention, I doubt the majority of the searches were made in order to enjoy her “invigorating” composition, Friday.

Hispanics and Health

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Hispanics and Health

Hispanics and Health

A couple of months back I decided to do something about my health. I wasn’t in bad physical shape, but I would be tired after exercising for about 20-30 minutes, and I would eat anything that I could get my hands on (except pickles… I’ve never really liked pickles). So, in October I ordered the P90X fitness system by BeachBody. I have stuck with it since then and it has been a blessing. I have also begun to read The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss  in order to get further insight into being able to push your body beyond its limits. My diet now consists of healthier food and I have more energy than every before.

All this has lead me to wonder what other Hispanics, such as myself, do about their health. There is a study that is currently ongoing called The Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL) sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) . A total of 16,000 Hispanics nationwide are enrolled in this study. The goal of the study is to discover why Hispanics have a such a high risk of heart disease but fewer heart attacks than the general population. Furthermore, according to a 2009 Gallup poll, almost 42% of Hispanic adults lack access to health insurance.

One site that can be a great resource for Hispanics who need answer to health-related questions is the Hispanic Health Council. The site provides answers to questions, information on services available, as well as how to get more involved in a healthy lifestyle. Another good resource is From Fatty to Hottie.

In a few weeks it will be the start of a New Year. What better time to become a healthy Hispanic than today?

Digital Education for Parents

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Parents and the Internet

Parents and the Internet

The speed with in which new technologies are developed and with which young people are able to adapt to them creates a knowledge gap between parents and their children.

The difference between the “Digital Native generation and those that had to learn to use informational tools as adults is constantly becoming more apparent.  There are many adults who use computers for their work, but have never felt the need or curiosity to explore the possibilities of this technology beyond their daily routine –social networks, methods of instant communication, etc.  Parents are aware their children live digital lives that they do not understand.

In order to avoid these situations or reduce their effects, more resources are popping up online with the intention of informing parents about these new tools, which are constantly present in the lives of young people, in a way that is easy to understand.  The initiative that has had the most media presence is Teach Parents Tech, created by Google, which permits children to send personalized information and also allows parents to look-up information about specific aspects about daily information technology.

Different Spanish language resources exist in an effort to inform parents, but in the attempt to inform them of the risks of social networks, among other things, perhaps it creates a deformed vision of what a “healthy” digital life is. This makes risks such as cyber-bullying online and harassment online inevitable.  Besides the fact that these resources can be a bit alarmist, especially for someone who does not have first-hand experience, they also provide interesting content.  The organization Pantallas Amigas (Screen Buddies) has a section dedicated to parents where they are able to bring various types of information together in order to teach desirable practices. It is as much for the parent’s benefit as for the children.

Online it is possible to find interesting debates about digital education, such as a better option to the direct control or supervision of online activity, like Educación en Valores, or Control Parental.

Spanish-Speaking Hispanics Embrace Online Video

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Hispanics online

Hispanics online

Want to reach the Hispanic market online?  Try video.  A recent report by Google  and Ipsos OTC MediaCT found that, while Hispanics are online less than non-Hispanics, Hispanic Internet users consume a much higher volume of online video than their non-Hispanic counterparts. Getting down to brass tacks, the study found that 64% of Hispanic Internet users visited a video site in the past month, versus 50% of the general population.

The study also found that with the exception of Hulu, Spanish-dominant and bilingual Hispanics are either as likely or more likely than English-dominant Hispanics to have visited various video sites in the month preceding the survey.  In the case of YouTube, 92% or more of all Hispanic sub-groups reported having visited the video site.

Aside from their affinity towards online video, the fact that Hispanics are the youngest ethnic or racial group in the US (median age of 27 versus 31 for blacks and 41 for whites, according to the Census Bureau) may also have something to do with why Old Navy invests significant marketing dollars to target Hispanics.

Presumably taking the above stats into consideration, this Fall the apparel retailer teamed up with its award-winning agency, AKQA, and media giant Telemundo to produce ‘Estilos Robados,’ a six-part fashion-centric online mini-novela. Old Navy promoted ‘Estilos Robados’ with ads on its Facebook page, Telemundo’s TV network, website and mobile site, in addition to its very own Spanish YouTube channel.  Old Navy even went as far as to distribute flyers for two weeks at more than 100 stores in heavy Hispanic areas and using digital billboards in Miami.

“Hispanic shoppers account for about 12% of apparel sales, and Old Navy’s share is north of that,” said Deborah Yeh, VP of marketing at Old Navy.  Given creative, engaging and fully integrated campaigns like this one, we’re not surprised.

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