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Mobile Apps on smartphones

Mobile Advertising on the Rise in 2012

Written by Pablo Rivera on . Posted in Digital, Marketing

Mobile Apps on smartphones

Mobile Apps on smartphones

Now that 2011 is over we need to focus on how to spend our marketing budgets; in 2012 mobile marketing will be big, due to an increase in smart phones/androids. In past years we have learned that consumers have started to rely on their mobile devices more and more to search, read, get directions, play games, and even shop.  I personally did part of my 2011 Christmas shopping using my iPhone by downloading the Amazon app. I can describe it as being an easy and safe experience. It also saved me time and money.

The new mobile technology is surprisingly not as complex as it seems; it takes just a couple days to get used to it. I believe that the more comfortable users feel with their phones, the more things they will be able to do, as described earlier.  What does that mean? Marketers will “be forced” to spend more dollars in the mobile advertising world. According to an article in mobile Marketer, location-based advertising and search will be two hot topics in mobile advertising.

2012 will be a year in which mobile will be key for marketers, it will be a fun year to see all this new technology serve its purposes.