How Digital Vendors can use Facebook in 2012

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Facebook continues being the most popular platform for digital vendors and the best formula for achieving the best results in the objective of selling proMagic formulas a frequently searched for, which in reality, don’t exist. The experienced digital vendors have commented on the tools that they consider to be the most useful in the year 2012.

From doing marketing through Facebook, common questions have emerged which spin outside of those following. Questions such as:

How much is a Facebook fan worth? How many fans is it worth having? Now that we have a considerable amount of fans, what do we do with them? What can we do with Facebook outside of Facebook?

The answer lies within the information. Companies can use a new generation of tools to take advantage of the information on Facebook in order to dramatically improve the public results, the creation of content, and global business strategy. As the space is small, we will take a quick look at two tools: CalmSea and InfiniGraph.

CalmSea is a platform who’s technology allows the user to create conversations based on what one can access from a web page, via email, tweet, mobile device, or Facebook pages. As an example, let’s consider a coupon. Normally, the basic information that an online coupon is expected to collect consists of clicks, actions and saving it for later. The trick with CalmSea consist of one extra click which asks for Facebook authorization in order to have access to the coupons (or another offer). This authorization allows the access to various specific information what can be found on the social platform. This includes one’s likes, interests, demographic information, friends, etc… This activity can be carried out on any webpage by including the possibility of sharing the coupon with everyone on Facebook with out having to go to the Facebook page each time.

The power of information: CalmSea takes the interactions of Facebook users and news about the offer, then combines them with an analysis of the selling information/ conversion (maybe Google Analytics) in order to add viewpoints and to show the segments of users/clients with the highest levels of: commitment, profitability, and influence. This type of information takes it even further than the Facebook Analysis, which already allows the construction of productive models based in different attributes which describe the current and potential clients with more precision based on the three elements earlier mentioned.

InfiniGraph is a data platform added to Facebook and Twitter, with the purpose of identifying (in real-time) the affinities and interests that conform to a tendency of a particular brand, product, or industry.

The process by means of intelligent algorithms of the linked information of a brand allows the extenuation of what the consumers want in function with their social behavior. In this way, based on the results that these algorithms produce, content is being designed with the intention of receiving better participation.

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