Advertisers: Please Use Your Better Judgement

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Advertisers who have wanted to create a little extra exposure for their product have often made sure that their products and ads are a little on the sexier, racier and younger side of the equation. For many advertisers, that isn’t too much of an issue. Most of us have flipped through a magazine and seen twenty-something models less than fully clothed promoting a certain brand of perfume or cologne. Another brand that can be a little edgy is the Las Vegas Tourism and Convention Bureau. After all, Las Vegas is know as Sin City. I really enjoy most of their ads, and they are very upfront about why Las Vegas attracts the amount of tourists that it does.

One particular destination that has caught some flack over trying to go down the racy road is North Dakota. I’m sure every city and state would like to attract more tourists, North Dakota included. However, it seems like North Dakota tried to go about it the wrong way. The wording in the ad, which reads in full, Drinks, dinner decisions. Arrive a Guest. Leave a Legend, has created some unnecessary attention for North Dakota. People were offended by the content and context of the ad, which is an image of young men and young women flirting.

It goes to show that in advertising and marketing, you really need to know your audience. Not every brand can appeal to an edgier and younger audience, and we’ve seen in this case that what happens in Fargo does NOT stay in Fargo.

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