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Digital Media Consumption in Mexico: IAB Research

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For any company looking to market to Mexico, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Mexico is a fantastic resource.  With the limited downside of only being in Spanish, the organization’s website offers details into the digital market in Mexico through the numerous research activities that it supports.

While the majority of the research as well as the conferences put on by IAB Mexico do require strong Spanish language skills, at the very least the numbers will give a good picture of this rapidly growing digital market.

IAB Mexico, with the assistance of Millward Brown, put together the 2011 Digital Media consumption by Mexican Internet User study, which cites some key points that will transcend the language, such as:

•    62% increase in Laptop Ownership over 2010
•    33% increase in Smartphone ownership over 2010
•    87% are connecting to the internet from home
•    40% of users spend 2-5 hours surfing the internet, while 33% spend 5 or more hours surfing.
•    More than 80% of users look for information about products/brands online and 50% have made online payments or purchases online.

The bottom line is that the Mexican digital space is full of digital options.  Along with a population that is internet savvy and open to being reached through digital media, Mexico should be a key to any Latin American marketing strategy.

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