Distribution of Hispanics within the US

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Flags of Latin America

Flags of Latin America

The savvy advertiser knows that Hispanic consumers are an important part  of their future success.  Savvy advertisers are also aware of the huge purchasing power of this market ($1.3 Trillion).  What many advertisers already know and some are just coming to grips with is the fact that “the US Hispanic market”, while spoken of as a single entity, is anything but.  It is comprised of individuals from multiple countries of origin.

Portada put out an interesting study on the relative distribution of the various LATAM countries of origin of Hispanics within the U.S.  While the overall number remains largely in favor of those of Mexican origin, the proportions change within smaller regions around the country.  There are very large Caribbean influences in New York and Florida, where the numbers reach almost 60% Cuban and Puerto Rican.  Salvadoreans comprise upwards of 30% of the Hispanic population in Washington DC, Dallas and San Francisco.

From an advertiser’s point of view, this necessitates that the messaging of a given campaign should differ based on the geo-targeting because it will mean that the audience will be culturally unique.  From a media point of view, media companies will have to be able to target their client’s messaging not only by geography, but by country of origin as well.   Advertising campaigns toward the Hispanic market are evolving and becoming more and more effective as advertisers and media partners become increasingly familiar with this market segment.

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